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Get your team thinking about team culture, now.

Team culture is broad. We know where to start.

Unsure where to start with your team culture journey? With our Team Culture Diagnostic, you’ll have a tangible starting point to shape your team culture and empower your team to thrive. Expertly designed to deliver impactful results with minimal commitment, our accessible and fully customisable diagnostic can serve as a powerful standalone delivery or as the gateway to our Team Reset.


Be intentional about team culture

Find your starting point:

Begin your team culture journey with a clear framework and actionable insights.

Gain team investment:

Get your team engaged and invested in improving team culture from the outset.

Learn and grow together:

Understand the elements of high-performing teams and learn the framework for sustainable growth together as a team.

Low effort, high impact:

Experience an accessible, high-ROI engagement that jumpstarts your team’s culture transformation with just two hours commitment.


Our Team Diagnostic offers:

  • An anonymous team-wide survey based on our five-pillar framework.
  • An actionable report with expert insights and practical tips for implementation. 
  • A team coaching session to learn about the diagnostic and discuss results; we are the only audit where you learn the framework for continued success.
  • A pre-engagement briefing and post-engagement debriefing.
  • Ongoing 1:1 support throughout the engagement to help the team leader keep momentum, nurture their team, and apply insights.

View a sample snapshot of the report

Our framework helps teams achieve


97% of workers believe that a lack of team alignment impacts project success*. Strong alignment leads to a clear vision, faster decision-making, increased productivity, and improved performance. *McKinsey, 2016


Connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability*. Understanding different working styles improves conflict management and builds cohesion to improve performance. *Gallup, 2017


80% of employees feel stressed due to ineffective communication*. By creating better channels and running effective meetings that foster inclusive conversations, your team can cultivate a collaborative environment that leads to increased revenue growth. *Dynamic Signal, 2019


Companies with a positive culture could see a 400% growth in revenue*. By designing structures that build trust and communication, your team can nurture creativity and productivity, leading to better collaboration, and ultimately, business success. *Forbes, 2021


Only 2% of teams fall into the category of ‘resilient’*. By becoming better at adapting to change, uncertainty, and disruption, your team will see improved performance and a higher likelihood of success when faced with challenges. *Glassdoor, 2019



The anonymous survey takes typically 10 minutes or less, while the team session can range from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of your team.

We provide a comprehensive 3-month action plan based on the results of the Team Culture Diagnostic.

Our free assessment enables you to take a quick snapshot of your team’s culture, but it only represents one point of view. With the Team Culture Diagnostic, we ask a more detailed set of questions and capture and collate all of your team views into one overall report. It offers a holistic view of your collective strengths and opportunity areas, providing bespoke insights from our experts to enhance your team’s performance. 

Our Impact

Case Study - Enterprise Mobility

Toward a strategic, proactive team culture that fosters creativity and innovation

Enterprise Mobility, the group responsible for the globally successful Rent-A-Car brand, employs more than 100,000 people in over 90 countries. Renowned for its existing, strong culture, Enterprise has become synonymous with excellent customer service and employee career journeys.

The Group HR Manager team is made up of leaders who share a similar role but do not collaborate traditionally or actively deliver projects together on a regular basis, but rather come together to share knowledge and best practice.

Whilst scoring highly in Bracket’s pre-programme team culture survey, the pandemic had naturally led to a shift in priorities, placing a greater emphasis on supporting employees. Following this period of change, Leigh Lafayer-Ayer, HR Director UK and Ireland, recognised the importance of aligning the team around a proactive and emergent strategy, while repositioning leaders as forward-thinking ‘strategic partners’ with freedom to think creatively again. To initiate this cultural reset and kickstart their journey into a new post-pandemic era, the team partnered with Bracket.

How Enterprise Mobility and Bracket worked together

Looking to embark upon a comprehensive evaluation of their culture and explore future opportunities for growth and improvement, Enterprise Mobility connected with Bracket. As an experienced facilitator, Leigh saw that Bracket was the ideal partner to lead their people through change, support creativity, and guide their team culture reset.

Following a team survey and 1:1 interviews, Bracket kicked-off the bespoke Programme with an immersive half-day alignment workshop. This workshop served as an opportunity to audit the existing culture, examine the shifting business landscape, and assess how the role of the Group HR Manager team had evolved. Together, we explored how these changes had affected people, process, technology, and the broader business and global frameworks. This provided a foundation for the team to reset their approach and future-proof for upcoming changes.

As a visioning exercise, this initial workshop acted as a creative and strategic springboard for the subsequent online facilitation sessions of the Programme. The following sessions would go on to foster deeper connections among the team, identify habits, exchange ideas, and commit to seeking inspiration from wider networks and research. During the Team Culture Programme, Bracket worked with Enterprise to:

  • Align the team around a clearer understanding of strengths and post-pandemic opportunity areas to take the team to another level.
  • Build connections as a global team by enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and unifying how the group supports other teams and directors across the business.
  • Establish a collective plan for learning and development in order to inspire confident leadership, and ensure the team feels a sense of priority and investment in their future growth.
  • Explore how the team responds to change and future opportunities, in order to support the wider organisation as effectively as possible, and move the group forward at pace.

“We saw that Bracket had extensive experience leading people through change, and our team needed just that - a facilitation partner who would help us with this post-pandemic reset. Bracket took the time to get to know us and our business, and designed an impactful Programme with the right amount of flexibility. It’s been a good journey to lead us into a new era and get ready for future change.”


Key Numbers

Based on our assessment, the team achieved the following as a result of the Programme:


increase in sharing information more effectively as a team


more likely to regularly look for opportunities to innovate as a team


increase in time and space to work effectively

The Programme saw colleagues reporting a 10% upwards shift in how positively they viewed their team culture. The team is now more creative, embracing innovation, and bringing in new ideas from external sources and networks. By equipping them with the tools, techniques, and framework to benchmark great team culture, they are more adept at challenging themselves, their team members, and the wider organisation, as well as developing and maintaining better ways of working.

Outcomes of the programme

Breakthrough in communication: By fostering camaraderie and encouraging employees to open up, the team is benefitting from collective collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Informal networks are thriving: By empowering leaders to make changes and spend time learning from one another, there is now more support for creative ways of working and diversity of thought, as well as stronger team cohesion.

Prioritising learning and development: By shifting the team’s mindset toward the prioritising of learning and development, leaders are more attune with the wider organisation and their own teams, and have embedded themselves within the business as highly engaged and strategic partners.

Changes are permeating through the business: By training and empowering leaders to drive change, a transformative trickle-down effect has been felt across the organisation, with more teams and employees actively engaging in networking, open discussions, and taking ownership of areas aligned with their interest.

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Case Study - Wellcome Collection

Forging new connections and igniting collaboration among a changing Digital Engagement Team

The Digital Engagement Team at Wellcome Collection is charged with designing and building a free and unrestricted digital space where people are inspired, challenged, and can engage with the important work the museum is undertaking. Their remit above all else is accessibility. 

While the organisation is deeply aligned on their common purpose – supporting science to solve the urgent health challenges faced by everyone – the Digital Engagement Team had undergone some management changes. With the addition of new members and a leadership who had not met together as a team before, their focus was on regrouping and resetting to ensure all voices were being heard.

Leadership had recognised a need for team communication training, but in light of these management changes realised a cultural reset was critical. Looking to nurture healthier habits and establish meaningful relationships that would support greater cohesion, collaboration, and open communication, the Digital Engagement Team partnered with Bracket.

How Bracket worked with the Digital Engagement Team at Wellcome Collection

Bracket conducted an anonymised team-wide survey and 1:1 interviews with Team Leaders to diagnose and identify the most effective approach for the facilitation. Spanning three months, the bespoke Team Communication Training Programme would include workshops for both Team Leaders and the wider team. Through these separate workshops, Bracket ensured that Team Leaders could strengthen connections within their own network, while empowering the wider team to share ideas and speak up without the presence of their managers.

As the new group of Team Leaders had not met in this way before, the workshop focused on familiarising colleagues and establishing ground rules for effective leadership. The session facilitated open discussions on navigating uncertainty and leveraging peer support. Team Leaders were encouraged to reflect on their communication styles, how they designed and facilitated meetings, and their approach to giving feedback and initiating difficult conversations. 

The wider team workshop introduced the importance of curiosity, so that members could explore new opportunities, establish guidelines for better collaboration, and make individual commitments to initiate better ways of working.

During the Programme, Bracket worked with Wellcome Collection to:

  • Develop the communication skills needed to better relate to one other, facilitate discussions, and create a more collaborative and productive environment.
  • Develop listening skills and improve peer support across the team to foster a more empathetic and supportive environment.
  • Bolster the team’s self-awareness and interpersonal skills to encourage active contribution and engagement in meetings.
  • Coach leadership in the facilitation skills that create a safe environment where all colleagues can contribute equally and be heard.
  • Build confidence and ensure that everyone feels comfortable to speak up, share challenges, and hold difficult conversations.

“The Programme was a great success, with the team really taking the experience to heart and making positive changes. The workshop sessions were well thought-out, purposeful, and surprising; beautifully drawing out connections between bigger, theoretical thinking, and practical day-to-day advice. The team were able to reconnect or make new connections with colleagues and to find interesting similarities and differences in how we work and think.”


Key Numbers

Within two months, the entire Digital Engagement Team showed a tangible improvement across every aspect of team culture that we surveyed pre-Programme. For example, based on our assessment, the team achieved:


increase in facilitation that ensures everyone has an equal voice


increase in confidence to initiate difficult conversations


increase in comfort to speak up in meetings

By fostering a sense of individual commitment and accountability within the team, the Programme encouraged team members to actively apply their learnings beyond the workshop sessions; as was evident in the significant upwards shift toward a more cohesive, positive team culture. The team embraced a greater sense of unity, collaboration, and shared purpose, resulting in a work environment with improved team dynamics. 

Outcomes of the programme

Amplifying voices through communication: Empowered by our Team Communication training, the team were able to explore their communication styles and skills, so that every voice is now heard.

Unleashing the power of facilitation: By equipping the team with the facilitation skills and tools to craft impactful meeting structures, the Programme has created a dynamic environment where open discussion fosters creativity, diversity, and cohesion.

Deeper connections, better collaboration: With a deeper understanding of the strengths and interests of the wider team, members feel more connected, engaging in richer discussions, speaking up at meetings, and setting the stage for better collaboration.

Courageous conversations: The team is more able to initiate difficult conversations, fostering stronger working relationships by creating a more open and transparent working environment.

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Case Study - World Federation Of Advertisers

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) is the only global organisation representing marketers' common interests.

It champions more effective and sustainable marketing communications, creating a global network of major brands and advertiser associations in 60+ markets and offering unparalleled leadership and expertise to its members. Founded 70 years ago, the WFA has experienced rapid growth in recent years, evolving from a small, impactful team to over 30 employees with global offices in Brussels, London, Canada, and Singapore. 

Recognising the need to capture and preserve the success of their unique culture while accommodating their expanding team, the WFA partnered with Bracket to codify their existing culture and articulate their core company values. The aim was to establish a clear cultural framework for future growth and recruitment, and set intentionality around how this is maintained and developed for their future so that they could incorporate these values into all aspects of onboarding, training, and team development.

How the WFA and Bracket worked together

Bracket designed a bespoke programme of workshops and consultancy that complemented the WFA’s global team and their regular team gatherings. The engagement consisted of three workshops, held in Brussels and London, as well as virtually. These sessions aimed to reconnect the global team, foster a culture of idea-sharing around the purpose and values of the WFA mission, and strategise how best to embed this work in the everyday. Between sessions, Bracket ensured the engagement was as iterative and responsive as possible, adapting the work to the needs and current context of the business. Following on from the programme, Bracket was further engaged in formalising the vision, values, and wider mission for internal and external use.

During the workshops Bracket worked to:

  • Facilitate discussions across the global team, and generate ideas around the core values that define WFA’s uniqueness.
  • Strategically align the management team, refining the company values in line with long-term business direction, goals, and vision. 
  • Support the team with the tools, structures, and framework to integrate these values within the day-to-day operations of the WFA.

“Working with Bracket was a great experience. The process was inclusive, seamlessly integrating our global team into the programme. As a visioning exercise for the WFA, Bracket created space and structure to explore what our existing values were, our responsibility in upholding best practice across the ad industry, and how to bed down these values.”


Outcomes of the programme:

Refreshed alignment around the WFA’s purpose and mission.

Defined core company values with an understanding of how they translate into daily action.

Supported leadership and the wider team to embed values within regular conversations, meetings, and projects, to ensure visibility.

Collaborative ideas generation for a WFA-wide “Culture Code” product to embed values into practice, and guide onboarding, training, and development for team members.

The programme was designed as a sustainable team building activity that would carry over into their everyday work, and provided an opportunity for the WFA team to further connect and build cohesion during their wider team week. 

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Case Study - Intermission Film

Intermission Film is a global creative agency specialising in entertainment marketing for some of the world’s biggest broadcasters like Netflix, HBO Max, and the BBC

During the pandemic, the company grew rapidly, expanding their London, NYC, and Amsterdam offices. Intermission wanted to take an intentional approach to building and sustaining company culture following this period of change, seeking to protect their creativity and vision, while pursuing an ambitious future for the company. Intermission Film partnered with Bracket to develop a unified identity and leadership approach, and empower the Senior Team to form stronger connections in preparation for this next level of leadership.

With extensive experience in the creative industries, Bracket designed a tailored 8-month Team Culture Programme that aimed to identify opportunities for improvement, build clarity around the company’s direction and desired culture, and explore better ways of working through team collaboration and communication. The Programme sought to answer a unique question:

How do you maintain a creative and innovative culture whilst scaling?

Bracket started by reviewing Intermission’s existing culture and collaboration, conducting surveys and 1:1 interviews which identified opportunities and formed the foundation for the Programme. Following a kick-off alignment workshop which focused on the company strategy and leadership approach, Bracket then conducted monthly workshops and coaching sessions to further develop connections in the Senior Team. During these facilitated sessions, Bracket worked with Intermission Film to:

  • Create space and value in connecting strategically with other leaders away from the pressures of operational client work.
  • Understand working styles and explore how to build team collaboration and cohesion.
  • Explore techniques for team facilitation and effective meetings that would encourage creativity, open communication, and psychological safety across the company.
  • Develop leadership methods to ensure collaboration and curiosity are embedded throughout the organisation.

“Bracket provided us with the space and tools to engage in open discussions, actively listen to each other, and think about the future growth of the company. The Programme was impactful, with nudges throughout that kept us engaged and moving forward, while the unifying element of doing it together created a powerful opportunity for everyone to talk in the same room.”


Key Numbers

Based on our assessment, the team achieved the following as a result of the Programme:


increase in working collaboratively as a team


increase in alignment on leadership team approach


increase in working together to create a supportive culture

The Team Culture Programme developed cohesion and collaboration among the Senior Team, resulting in improved teamwork and greater alignment toward a shared purpose. The team learned facilitation and leadership techniques that encourage open communication and creativity. By developing these processes and structures that support growth, the Senior Team were empowered to make better decisions, operate more efficiently, and achieve a clearer sense of direction without compromising on the creativity that has garnered them such success to date.

Outcomes of the programme

Building awareness of individual ways of working has increased empathy, understanding, and respect among team members.

Improving collaboration, communication, and feedback, has resulted in more efficient processes and better outcomes.

Evolving a continuous improvement mindset and shared learning approach, has meant the Senior Team are more likely to seek advice and collaborate.

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Case Study - Euronext

Euronext is the leading pan-European market infrastructure

Through organic growth and acquisitions in recent years, it has transformed from a group of stock exchanges to a diversified business operating 7 national markets, and additional businesses that cover the entire trading value chain. It achieved its 2022 financial targets two years early and aims to grow further and leverage its scale, targeting revenue growth of 3-4% by 2024.

People are central to Euronext’s success and the executive team invests heavily in innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the different businesses. Euronext is diverse by nature, with 55 nationalities across 18 countries, and its strategic plan, ‘Growth for Impact 2024’, puts investment, time and considerable
momentum behind the idea of empowering all staff to grow, perform and innovate together. The company aims for a genuinely inclusive culture, embedded in its federal model which brings together financial marketplaces and businesses across Europe.

This ambition came into sharp focus in 2021 when Euronext completed its largest acquisition to date – the €4.4 billion purchase of Borsa Italiana – made up of 5 acquired companies, including employees to be housed in the London representative office.

On top of this, Covid had hit.

Key Numbers


Workshops, delivered virtually


Week programme


Attendees reached in one day


Of attendees attended all three workshops

How would the London HR team inspire new colleagues from Borsa Italiana with the Euronext collaborative spirit, with the added complication of Covid?

When Euronext acquired the Borsa Italiana Group, the number of employees at the Euronext London almost doubled. A larger team meant a new and larger office space just as everyone had spent more than a year working remotely.

More people, more space and a hybrid working environment created a huge challenge and raised the pressure to new levels for the London HR team, led by HR Director Sophie Bishop. Sophie’s team were already recognised for their effectiveness in creating a welcoming culture that brought employees together. But what was the best way to integrate a totally new team and enable existing colleagues to re-connect and forge new relationships in a virtual working environment?

"The workshops created the space for our colleagues to connect and exchange ideas, which led to us implementing tangible collaboration and integration initiatives. The programme was a key success factor to resetting our culture."


This is where Bracket came in: relaunching a ‘culture journey’

Our initial research with Sophie and team identified that whilst the management team championed collaboration, there was potential to provide more tangible opportunities and practical know-how to help colleagues to work together effectively.

So we designed a culture programme delivered virtually over a one-month period.

Our series of interactive workshops helped to spark new collaborations with Borsa Italiana colleagues and rekindled the highly productive Euronext collaborative spirit with existing colleagues post-Covid. This provided a forum for them to build excitement and knowledge about the acquisition as well as explore specific ways to share knowledge and best practices across the businesses.

Initiatives that were accelerated by the programme

Bi-monthly schedule of lunch-and-learns

A practical collaboration guide for colleagues

A collaborative email list for shared problem-solving

Launch of culture champions group

New cross-team brainstorming events

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Case Study - Future of London

The Future of London Leaders’ team is a small team with a wide-reaching impact

They provide inspiring professional development programmes and events for built environment professionals with responsibility for high profile development projects across London and Greater Manchester. Through its membership network, Future of London provides access to knowledge, connections and skills-building to help make better cities. As the only independent network of its kind, they promote accessibility, learning and open dialogue to ensure all diverse voices are heard.

Known for their high-quality service, the Leaders team had rapidly built different strands to their offer to meet members’ needs, but this also meant that their service was increasing in complexity. They knew that if they didn’t stop to re-align, especially after a long period of working remotely, they were in danger of going in different directions.

"Bracket was enormously helpful in helping us to formulate workable plans to improve our culture. They played a really important role in our journey of improving our own ways of communicating, productivity and team spirit."


This is where Bracket came in: boosting alignment

The head of Leadership, Jane Jones, approached Bracket following a recommendation. We proposed our Team Reset to help the team have some crucial conversations about how they work together and re-ignite their connection. The programme included an anonymous survey based on our five-pillar methodology, 1:1 interviews with each of the team, a half-day workshop that brought the team together in-person for the first time since the start of the pandemic, and a report with bespoke recommendations on how to build their culture. This was supported by regular nudges and check-ins over a 6-month period that encouraged the team to reflect on their commitments and actions from the workshop. Finally, we ran a follow-up coaching session to help the team keep the momentum going.

Key Numbers

Based on our assessment, the team reported that they
experienced the following as a result of the Team Reset:


Increase in having conversations about how they work together


Increase in sharing information as a team


Increase in alignment on direction and objectives


Overall increase in how the team rated their culture


Increase in using the differences on the team to foster healthy debate

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Case Study - Reason

Digital transformation agency, Reason, is known for its people first culture and collaborative working practices.

As part of their continued success, Reason recognised the need to further strengthen their internal culture by defining good management in order to provide training for their line managers. Their aim was to help build the next generation of leadership, level the managing field, and prepare Reason for the next stage of growth. This required:

  • Establishing a clear definition of good line management that aligned with Reason’s values
  • Elevating and standardising the quality and skills expected of all line managers to support the company’s scale and growth
  • Increasing the visibility and perceived value of line management at all levels of the organisation
  • Identifying and removing any barriers to line management success through targeted support and training initiatives

How Bracket and Reason worked together

Reason engaged Bracket to design and facilitate a workshop to support the launch of a forum which would provide regular training and peer learning for line managers, and help structure a handbook with advice and best practices. 

After conducting initial consultancy work with Reason’s Head of People, Bracket conducted 1:1 interviews with current line managers to gain insights into their role and to identify the support needed to improve. During the facilitated session, Bracket led team discussions about the role of line management, explored objectives, and developed practical guidelines and actions. The workshop was followed with a write-up, recommendations, and an advisory session with the Head of People to help consolidate the process and ensure continued momentum.

“From the outset, Bracket cared to understand our existing culture and context, meeting team members and working with me to coax out and form ideas. This expert consultancy work before and after was as valuable as the brilliantly facilitated session for our line managers.”

Judith Sweetman, Head Of People, Reason


Facilitating a successful Line Managers Forum launch that supported an ongoing programme of impactful inclusivity and improved peer consulting, with more structured processes.

Ensuring top-level management were able to observe and think strategically, freeing up space to clarify, consolidate, and iterate on thoughts, ambitions, and goals.

Developing observations and recommendations for good line management that helped define these skills, and resulted in an agreed structure for future training sessions and a line manager’s handbook.

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Team Culture Programme v2

Team Culture

Great teams are more important than ever

Most of our work gets done in teams, yet research reports that many of us find collaboration isn’t working. 80% report stress from ineffective communication, despite 75% recognising the importance of collaboration and teamwork*. This is where effective team culture facilitation comes in.

Teamwork forms such a big part of our working day. When we prioritise the development of a positive team culture, it can make a huge difference in how happy and engaged we are. According to Gallup, this translates to 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability. A positive team culture boosts overall performance, improving employee retention, reducing stress and burnout, and is crucial to achieving wider organisational success.

*Queen’s University of Charlotte / Dynamic Signal


Do you need to fix, build, or sustain your team culture?

Need to FIX

Is ongoing conflict affecting engagement and productivity? Create a healthy culture where teams collaborate effectively.

Aim to BUILD

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Transform your team culture for sustainable business growth.


Do you have a great team culture and want to keep it that way? Establish structures to support your continued success.

Let's see how your team is doing

Unlock your team’s full potential today with our free, 5-minute culture assessment. Get expert insights and begin the journey towards building a high-performing team culture.


Multi-dimensional transformation

Building team culture not team building

Good team culture is a crucial factor in achieving long-term success, with companies who prioritise positive team culture seeing significant growth in revenue. High-performing teams regularly reflect on their work, review their habits, and design new ways of working.

Our Team Culture Programme equips your team with the tools and structures to hold these conversations, develop new habits and mindsets, and maintain them long after our engagement is finished. Our programme combines a powerful blend of facilitation, coaching, training, and consultancy to future-proof your team’s transformation over 3-6 months.


Seamless integration with existing team work to deliver immediate benefits.

Skills development

Empower your team with transferable skills that enhance their expertise.

Behaviour change

Create lasting impact by embedding positive habits and shifting mindsets.

Our programme in action

A Team Culture Programme uniquely tailored for your team


Our tailored workshops foster productive and collaborative conversations around defining vision and values, improving communication, and understanding different working styles.


Our experienced facilitators share the principles and techniques to drive better collaboration, and provide practical training on skills like meeting facilitation, active listening, and effective communication.


We help teams and individuals address barriers and blockers that may hinder their collective growth. Together, we navigate resistance and break down assumptions, tackling mindsets, self-belief, and other issues that arise during the transformation process.


Our flexible Team Culture Programme is tailored to your needs, schedule, and investment, but we recommend a 3-6 month engagement for the most powerful results. This allows sufficient time to explore team dynamics, develop new habits, and embed behaviours.

Yes, and we also encourage teams to immerse themselves in our Team Culture Programme to achieve the greatest benefits and drive lasting change. While our Team Reset workshops provide valuable insights and learning, our full programme delivers the most impact by fostering a culture of ongoing growth and development.

Following an initial consultation, we match you with one of our experienced coaches and facilitators who specialise in your industry. We take great care in ensuring the perfect match, so you receive the best possible guidance and support throughout the programme.

Ready to transform your team culture?


A word from our founder

“As a facilitator and coach with over 15 years experience, I have helped some of the world’s most innovative companies like Google, Meta, the V&A and Wellcome Collection build and maintain high-performing teams. Through these experiences, I have developed a deep understanding of what works when creating a culture of collaboration, creativity, and productivity. This knowledge, combined with my passion for empowering teams, is what led me to create the Team Culture Programme – a powerful methodology to transform teams and drive sustainable success.”

Alison Coward

Founder & Programme Lead, Bracket

Our network of expert associates

We understand that every team is unique and that one size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve built a network of professional facilitators and coaches with expertise across different industries and challenges. Our associates are expertly matched to each client, providing tailored support that meets the specific needs of your team.

Our Impact