Toward a strategic, proactive team culture that fosters creativity and innovation

Enterprise Mobility, the group responsible for the globally successful Rent-A-Car brand, employs more than 100,000 people in over 90 countries. Renowned for its existing, strong culture, Enterprise has become synonymous with excellent customer service and employee career journeys.

The Group HR Manager team is made up of leaders who share a similar role but do not collaborate traditionally or actively deliver projects together on a regular basis, but rather come together to share knowledge and best practice.

Whilst scoring highly in Bracket’s pre-programme team culture survey, the pandemic had naturally led to a shift in priorities, placing a greater emphasis on supporting employees. Following this period of change, Leigh Lafayer-Ayer, HR Director UK and Ireland, recognised the importance of aligning the team around a proactive and emergent strategy, while repositioning leaders as forward-thinking ‘strategic partners’ with freedom to think creatively again. To initiate this cultural reset and kickstart their journey into a new post-pandemic era, the team partnered with Bracket.

How Enterprise Mobility and Bracket worked together

Looking to embark upon a comprehensive evaluation of their culture and explore future opportunities for growth and improvement, Enterprise Mobility connected with Bracket. As an experienced facilitator, Leigh saw that Bracket was the ideal partner to lead their people through change, support creativity, and guide their team culture reset.

Following a team survey and 1:1 interviews, Bracket kicked-off the bespoke Programme with an immersive half-day alignment workshop. This workshop served as an opportunity to audit the existing culture, examine the shifting business landscape, and assess how the role of the Group HR Manager team had evolved. Together, we explored how these changes had affected people, process, technology, and the broader business and global frameworks. This provided a foundation for the team to reset their approach and future-proof for upcoming changes.

As a visioning exercise, this initial workshop acted as a creative and strategic springboard for the subsequent online facilitation sessions of the Programme. The following sessions would go on to foster deeper connections among the team, identify habits, exchange ideas, and commit to seeking inspiration from wider networks and research. During the Team Culture Programme, Bracket worked with Enterprise to:

  • Align the team around a clearer understanding of strengths and post-pandemic opportunity areas to take the team to another level.
  • Build connections as a global team by enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and unifying how the group supports other teams and directors across the business.
  • Establish a collective plan for learning and development in order to inspire confident leadership, and ensure the team feels a sense of priority and investment in their future growth.
  • Explore how the team responds to change and future opportunities, in order to support the wider organisation as effectively as possible, and move the group forward at pace.

“We saw that Bracket had extensive experience leading people through change, and our team needed just that - a facilitation partner who would help us with this post-pandemic reset. Bracket took the time to get to know us and our business, and designed an impactful Programme with the right amount of flexibility. It’s been a good journey to lead us into a new era and get ready for future change.”


Key Numbers

Based on our assessment, the team achieved the following as a result of the Programme:


increase in sharing information more effectively as a team


more likely to regularly look for opportunities to innovate as a team


increase in time and space to work effectively

The Programme saw colleagues reporting a 10% upwards shift in how positively they viewed their team culture. The team is now more creative, embracing innovation, and bringing in new ideas from external sources and networks. By equipping them with the tools, techniques, and framework to benchmark great team culture, they are more adept at challenging themselves, their team members, and the wider organisation, as well as developing and maintaining better ways of working.

Outcomes of the programme

Breakthrough in communication: By fostering camaraderie and encouraging employees to open up, the team is benefitting from collective collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Informal networks are thriving: By empowering leaders to make changes and spend time learning from one another, there is now more support for creative ways of working and diversity of thought, as well as stronger team cohesion.

Prioritising learning and development: By shifting the team’s mindset toward the prioritising of learning and development, leaders are more attune with the wider organisation and their own teams, and have embedded themselves within the business as highly engaged and strategic partners.

Changes are permeating through the business: By training and empowering leaders to drive change, a transformative trickle-down effect has been felt across the organisation, with more teams and employees actively engaging in networking, open discussions, and taking ownership of areas aligned with their interest.

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