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Our approach to team culture

High-performing teams prioritise culture every day

Great team culture isn’t built in a day. We believe in the power of workshops to transform team culture, and our holistic approach builds upon facilitation to support teams through workshops and beyond. We create lasting change for our clients by fostering a daily culture of alignment, communication, and collaboration, that is employed long after our engagement.



Workshop Culture: A guide to building teams that thrive

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Transforming team culture for sustainable business growth

Intermission Film partnered with Bracket to take their Senior Team to the next level of growth and success. Through an 8-month Team Culture Programme, Bracket worked to build clarity around the direction of the company, desired culture, leadership style, and areas for development. As a result, the team experienced a 46% increase in alignment on leadership team approach and a 39% increase in working collaboratively as a team, leading to a more positive and proactive work environment, with greater teamwork, communication, and purpose.

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A new approach to team culture transformation

We transform team culture through a unique blend of facilitation, coaching, training, and consultancy. Our tailored approach establishes structures that enable your team to facilitate long-lasting change. We work closely with you every step of the way, from Team Resets to our comprehensive Team Culture Programme.

Our Impact

Positive culture, positive business outcomes

What makes good team culture?

Every team is unique, and team culture varies from company to company and team to team. Achieving a high-performing team culture requires an understanding of this diversity, and a commitment to striking a balance between healthy culture and good business performance – not one at the expense of the other.

We recognise the need for this tailored approach, and have developed a set of values that reflect our core beliefs about what constitutes good team culture. We view a high-performing culture as one where everyone is invested in the team’s growth, takes an intentional approach to working together, uses facilitation to ensure all voices are heard, and is focused on continuous improvement. By aligning our values with your specific needs and context, we help you build a sustainable team culture that drives commercial success.


Improving team engagement leads to 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability

Source: Gallup

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