Building resilience together

Why you shouldn't neglect your team culture

As the business landscape continues to evolve at lightning speed, teams face more disruptive changes than ever before. Teams that lack the necessary collaborative skills risk low productivity, conflict, and disengagement. Prioritising a strong, resilient team culture is the key to mitigating these risks.

Ideal for teams navigating such change or in need of a fresh perspective, our Team Reset provides an action plan to improve communication and productivity. It’s time to take the first step towards great team culture.


Refresh your team culture and ignite change when you need it most

A powerful way to reboot your team

How we help your team become great

How do you keep your team motivated? How do you adapt when new team members join? How do you rebuild and strengthen morale? At Bracket, we understand these challenges and the importance of a strong team culture, especially during times of change. Whether you’re navigating disruption or refreshing your team culture, our Team Reset is the first step towards building a cohesive, more resilient team.

The Team Reset begins with interviews and anonymous surveys to gather insights and understand existing dynamics. We then conduct a workshop, co-creating a personalised action plan with leaders and teams to improve alignment and cohesion. For the best results, this Team Reset plan can serve as the kick-off to our comprehensive Team Culture Programme, which builds on this initial facilitation to support long-term strategic change.

Transformative results

for teams

The Team Reset empowers teams to:

  • Thrive in their work environment by creating more alignment
  • Build a stronger foundation for their culture and enable teams to deliver their best work
  • Feel connected and work more effectively, motivated to achieve shared and individual goals

for leaders

The Team Reset offers leaders:

  • Insights and frameworks to enhance collaboration and productivity in their teams
  • Awareness of what constitutes a high-performing team
  • Support in fostering cohesive teams that take ownership of their own culture


The Team Reset includes a half-day workshop, with the full engagement delivered over a minimum period of 6 weeks. This includes pre-workshop interviews and surveys, as well as post-session reporting and follow-up. The exact duration will depend on the size of your team and the complexity of your needs.

Absolutely. The Team Reset is designed to help all teams improve their culture, regardless of their current performance level. Even high-performing teams can benefit from a refresh and alignment of their culture and goals, and our personalised action plan can help take your team to the next level.

You will receive recommendations for moving your culture forward. We conduct a follow-up coaching session with you and your team to check on your progress. While you are responsible for implementing our suggestions, if you need additional support to stay accountable and embed long-term behavior change, we recommend enrolling in our full Team Culture Programme.

Our Impact

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