Who we are

We are team culture experts with over 15 years experience working with leading organisations in the creative, media and tech industries such as Meta, Google, the V&A, and the University of the Arts London. Our practical and accessible approach creates lasting change by cultivating alignment, communication, and collaboration to build strong, resilient, and high-performing teams.

Our mission

We believe in making work better. Our mission is to help create work environments that enable workers to thrive and fulfill their potential. When we are engaged at work, we are more productive, perform better, and feel better about our lives. By improving the way we work together, we can improve our experience of work, and positively impact our businesses, our relationships, our wider environment, and society as a whole.

Our work

Our practical and accessible approach provides clients with the tools, resources, and support to reinforce collaboration, make measurable progress, and strengthen team culture. We support long-term behavior change, actively helping clients to create inspiring workspaces and do more of what they love.

Our methods

We take a friendly and direct approach, quickly identifying the essence of your team and developing new and exciting ways to help you work better together. We design and facilitate workshops, deliver training, coaching, and consultancy. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each client and support them in making lasting improvements to their team culture.


We live our values

Grow together

We embrace a growth mindset that shapes how we work individually and together as a team. We believe that collaboration is a skill that can be improved with practice.

The power of facilitation

We believe strongly in the transformative power of facilitation to build great team cultures. Our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equality, is reflected in everything we do, creating safe and empowering spaces for all.

Work by design

We are intentional about how we approach our work. We craft our working methods to ensure we are working by design, not by default.

Continuous improvement

We believe in experimentation and embracing change. We review and tweak the way we work, to optimise for creativity and productivity.

Alison Coward, Founder

Alison Coward is a thought leader and expert in team culture consultancy, with 20 years experience in leading and facilitating creative teams. As a strategist, workshop facilitator, coach, trainer, keynote speaker, and author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”, she is sought after by top-tier clients such as Google, Euronext, Barclaycard, Wellcome Trust, and Channel 4. Alison’s passion lies in balancing creativity, productivity, and collaboration to help teams thrive and do their best work, together.

Our Team

We match clients with our network of specialist coaches and facilitators, who have experience developing strong cultures in the creative, media, and tech industries. Following initial consultation, we partner your team with the perfect associate to guide you through our Team Reset or Team Culture Programmes.