What if every day at work felt like your team’s most productive ‘away day’?

The most successful and innovative teams and organisations are highly collaborative, creative and productive – you will find the principles of great workshops infused throughout their culture.

This is a book about how running great workshops, and taking inspiration from them, can lead to a great team environment. Workshop Culture will show you how to create a happy and engaged team through small actions which lead to big results. It features a practical and accessible toolkit to help improve your team’s performance and productivity.

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Workshop Culture for your organisation

Workshop Culture Keynote

An inspiring and practical talk to introduce your audience to the key principles and practices of a Workshop Culture.

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About the author

Alison Coward is the founder of Bracket, a team culture consultancy that partners with ambitious, forward-thinking organisations to help them build high-performing teams. She is a workshop facilitator, consultant and speaker with clients ranging across the creative, media, technology, and digital sectors. Alison is passionate about finding the balance between creativity, productivity and collaboration so that teams can thrive and do their best work together.

Alison has been working in, leading, and facilitating creative teams since early in her career and has an MA in Enterprise Management for the Creative Arts from University of the Arts London. Her first book A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops was published in 2015 and has sold copies worldwide in both digital and hard copy format. She has delivered guest lectures at universities and keynote talks on the topics of collaboration, team culture and workshops at conferences in the UK, across Europe and in the US.