Forging new connections and igniting collaboration among a changing Digital Engagement Team

The Digital Engagement Team at Wellcome Collection is charged with designing and building a free and unrestricted digital space where people are inspired, challenged, and can engage with the important work the museum is undertaking. Their remit above all else is accessibility. 

While the organisation is deeply aligned on their common purpose – supporting science to solve the urgent health challenges faced by everyone – the Digital Engagement Team had undergone some management changes. With the addition of new members and a leadership who had not met together as a team before, their focus was on regrouping and resetting to ensure all voices were being heard.

Leadership had recognised a need for team communication training, but in light of these management changes realised a cultural reset was critical. Looking to nurture healthier habits and establish meaningful relationships that would support greater cohesion, collaboration, and open communication, the Digital Engagement Team partnered with Bracket.

How Bracket worked with the Digital Engagement Team at Wellcome Collection

Bracket conducted an anonymised team-wide survey and 1:1 interviews with Team Leaders to diagnose and identify the most effective approach for the facilitation. Spanning three months, the bespoke Team Communication Training Programme would include workshops for both Team Leaders and the wider team. Through these separate workshops, Bracket ensured that Team Leaders could strengthen connections within their own network, while empowering the wider team to share ideas and speak up without the presence of their managers.

As the new group of Team Leaders had not met in this way before, the workshop focused on familiarising colleagues and establishing ground rules for effective leadership. The session facilitated open discussions on navigating uncertainty and leveraging peer support. Team Leaders were encouraged to reflect on their communication styles, how they designed and facilitated meetings, and their approach to giving feedback and initiating difficult conversations. 

The wider team workshop introduced the importance of curiosity, so that members could explore new opportunities, establish guidelines for better collaboration, and make individual commitments to initiate better ways of working.

During the Programme, Bracket worked with Wellcome Collection to:

  • Develop the communication skills needed to better relate to one other, facilitate discussions, and create a more collaborative and productive environment.
  • Develop listening skills and improve peer support across the team to foster a more empathetic and supportive environment.
  • Bolster the team’s self-awareness and interpersonal skills to encourage active contribution and engagement in meetings.
  • Coach leadership in the facilitation skills that create a safe environment where all colleagues can contribute equally and be heard.
  • Build confidence and ensure that everyone feels comfortable to speak up, share challenges, and hold difficult conversations.

“The Programme was a great success, with the team really taking the experience to heart and making positive changes. The workshop sessions were well thought-out, purposeful, and surprising; beautifully drawing out connections between bigger, theoretical thinking, and practical day-to-day advice. The team were able to reconnect or make new connections with colleagues and to find interesting similarities and differences in how we work and think.”


Key Numbers

Within two months, the entire Digital Engagement Team showed a tangible improvement across every aspect of team culture that we surveyed pre-Programme. For example, based on our assessment, the team achieved:


increase in facilitation that ensures everyone has an equal voice


increase in confidence to initiate difficult conversations


increase in comfort to speak up in meetings

By fostering a sense of individual commitment and accountability within the team, the Programme encouraged team members to actively apply their learnings beyond the workshop sessions; as was evident in the significant upwards shift toward a more cohesive, positive team culture. The team embraced a greater sense of unity, collaboration, and shared purpose, resulting in a work environment with improved team dynamics. 

Outcomes of the programme

Amplifying voices through communication: Empowered by our Team Communication training, the team were able to explore their communication styles and skills, so that every voice is now heard.

Unleashing the power of facilitation: By equipping the team with the facilitation skills and tools to craft impactful meeting structures, the Programme has created a dynamic environment where open discussion fosters creativity, diversity, and cohesion.

Deeper connections, better collaboration: With a deeper understanding of the strengths and interests of the wider team, members feel more connected, engaging in richer discussions, speaking up at meetings, and setting the stage for better collaboration.

Courageous conversations: The team is more able to initiate difficult conversations, fostering stronger working relationships by creating a more open and transparent working environment.

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