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Wellcome Collection: Embracing change & building cohesion with a culture reset

Read how we embraced change & built cohesion

Intermission Film: Transforming team culture for sustainable business growth

Read how we transformed team culture

World Federation of Advertisers: Codifying an existing strong culture

Read how we strengthened team culture

Reason: Cultivating the next generation of leadership through collaboration

Read how we helped to re-define good management

Enterprise Mobility: Seizing the opportunity for a future-fit team culture

Read how we initiated a cultural reset

Future of London: Boosting alignment among complex, diversified teams

Read how we re-aligned leadership

Euronext: Integrating new teams and forging new relationships remotely

Read how we re-launched a culture journey

Oury Clark: Improving company culture with workshops and coaching

Read how we fostered effective communication

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Collaborative teams do 73% better work, are 60% more innovative, feel 56% more satisfied, and work 15% faster

Source: Deloitte



Our services

Kickstart your culture journey with our Team Culture Diagnostic, a tangible starting point with impactful results to empower your team to thrive, learn and grow together.

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Supercharge your team culture with a Team Reset to reboot your team’s momentum, create deeper connections, and set the stage for the next stage of transformation.

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Elevate your team’s performance with our tailored Team Culture Programme, designed to help you align, build collaboration skills, and drive positive and long-lasting behaviour change.

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Unlock your team’s full potential with bespoke consultancy. Designed for collaboration challenges or opportunities that sit outside of our core programmes.


Our team culture playbook


Step back and explore the big picture

Building a high-performing team starts with creating alignment and a shared vision of where the team is heading. Get your team on the same page, and leverage everyone’s insights and ideas to build collective team goals, vision, and values.


Understand different working styles

Encourage individual team members to reflect on their working style. With this self-awareness, teams create empathy, understanding, and an awareness of what everybody needs to do their best work.


Supercharge your meetings

Examine the different types of meetings your team needs, bring the right people together, and use facilitation techniques to boost their effectiveness in order to support great communication and keep work moving forward.


Create new ways of working

By being proactive about your team’s habits – how you communicate, share ideas, and build trust – you can design new ways of working that improve your team’s creativity and productivity, and will form the foundation of your unique team culture.


Embedding new behaviours

Identify areas for improvement in your team culture and be clear on the actions needed to make it tangible. Focus on actionable change that you continually review.

Our Impact

From workshops to Workshop Culture

How Bracket facilitation builds great teams

While workshops are effective in achieving specific goals, they are just one aspect of a broader organisational mindset known as Workshop Culture. This culture prioritises continuous improvement and innovation, building upon the workshop itself to permeate the team or organisation as a whole.

According to Deloitte, teams that foster a strong culture see improved engagement; they are 92% more likely to innovate, 52% more productive, and 17% more profitable than those without such a culture. We understand the importance of cultivating Workshop Culture to build strong team culture and achieving long-lasting success for organisations.


Get valuable insights into your team’s strengths and areas for improvement with our free team culture assessment, or book a discovery call to explore how we can help. Begin your journey to a better team culture with a Team Reset for a boost or refresh. Progress onto our comprehensive Team Culture Programme for the most effective results, or simply dive straight into the programme.

Yes. We understand that every team is different, and that some unique challenges require tailored solutions. Outside of our Team Culture Programme, we offer bespoke consultancy to meet your specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your team.

We can’t wait to partner with you. The first step is easy: simply book a consultation call with one of our expert facilitators today. During the call, we’ll take the time to get to know your team and discuss your unique challenges and goals. From there, we’ll work together to determine the best next steps in unlocking your team’s full potential.


Highly engaged teams achieve a 20% increase in sales

Source: Gallup


Team Reset

Building resilience together

Why you shouldn't neglect your team culture

As the business landscape continues to evolve at lightning speed, teams face more disruptive changes than ever before. Teams that lack the necessary collaborative skills risk low productivity, conflict, and disengagement. Prioritising a strong, resilient team culture is the key to mitigating these risks.

Ideal for teams navigating such change or in need of a fresh perspective, our Team Reset provides an action plan to improve communication and productivity. It’s time to take the first step towards great team culture.


Refresh your team culture and ignite change when you need it most

A powerful way to reboot your team

How we help your team become great

How do you keep your team motivated? How do you adapt when new team members join? How do you rebuild and strengthen morale? At Bracket, we understand these challenges and the importance of a strong team culture, especially during times of change. Whether you’re navigating disruption or refreshing your team culture, our Team Reset is the first step towards building a cohesive, more resilient team.

The Team Reset begins with interviews and anonymous surveys to gather insights and understand existing dynamics. We then conduct a workshop, co-creating a personalised action plan with leaders and teams to improve alignment and cohesion. For the best results, this Team Reset plan can serve as the kick-off to our comprehensive Team Culture Programme, which builds on this initial facilitation to support long-term strategic change.

Transformative results

for teams

The Team Reset empowers teams to:

  • Thrive in their work environment by creating more alignment
  • Build a stronger foundation for their culture and enable teams to deliver their best work
  • Feel connected and work more effectively, motivated to achieve shared and individual goals

for leaders

The Team Reset offers leaders:

  • Insights and frameworks to enhance collaboration and productivity in their teams
  • Awareness of what constitutes a high-performing team
  • Support in fostering cohesive teams that take ownership of their own culture



The Team Reset includes a half-day workshop, with the full engagement delivered over a minimum period of 6 weeks. This includes pre-workshop interviews and surveys, as well as post-session reporting and follow-up. The exact duration will depend on the size of your team and the complexity of your needs.

Absolutely. The Team Reset is designed to help all teams improve their culture, regardless of their current performance level. Even high-performing teams can benefit from a refresh and alignment of their culture and goals, and our personalised action plan can help take your team to the next level.

You will receive recommendations for moving your culture forward. We conduct a follow-up coaching session with you and your team to check on your progress. While you are responsible for implementing our suggestions, if you need additional support to stay accountable and embed long-term behavior change, we recommend enrolling in our full Team Culture Programme.

Our Impact

Ready to reset your team culture?


Case Study - Oury Clark


Sometimes advisors need advice, too

What started out as a high-level company values workshop led to an in-depth examination of a company’s culture and some challenges its leadership team wanted to overcome within their operations and communications.

At Bracket, we help teams build high-performing, collaborative cultures through workshop facilitation and coaching. Oury Clark, a multidisciplinary professional services firm, approached us to guide their leadership team on defining their company values; however, two initial workshops with the partners uncovered some pain points they realized they wanted to resolve. Like our other clients, this group had many strengths, but wanted to partner with a collaboration expert like us to improve in specific areas.

We uncovered two pain points: 1) partner meetings were not always as productive as they could be, and 2) although they had an agenda, the format meant they got stuck on details rather than looking at the big picture. These pain points impeded addressing strategic issues quickly because the discussions were not interactive and forward-looking.

Through these discoveries, they worked with our founder, Alison Coward, to resolve these pain points to support the fast growth of the organization.

“We are a complex group of professionals and we struggle to take advice as advisors. Alison is a talented collaborator and communicator because she knows how to navigate various personality types. She balances being direct and firm with fun and open, which helped us move forward in areas where we’d been stuck for a long time.”

Andrew Oury, Partner, Oury Clark


Company-wide culture workshops uncover valuable insights

Alison broadened her approach to this engagement to include both leadership engagement on the values to an evaluation of the culture across the company through several workshops she designed and delivered.

First, she conducted a visioning session for the partners so they could align on their business strategy. Second, she led a series of workshops across the company with all of the staff to understand their perspective on the existing culture and what could be improved. This allowed the larger staff to express their feelings, which helped the partners gain valuable insights about the company culture and their leadership.

Finally, she provided results from the staff workshops with recommendations to the leadership team on the next steps to address what was causing challenges in day-to-day operations and communication. This helped the partners realize what they needed to continue, stop, or start to build a better culture and environment for their staff. It also helped them understand how to attract and retain talent.

Significant changes

A regular weekly meeting to discuss urgent matters so that longer quarterly meetings could solely focus on big, strategic issues.

Fast-tracking the hiring of a COO so that the specialist partners could spend more time serving clients.

Bi-monthly innovation meetings where anyone in the business could introduce new ideas to benefit the company in a variety of ways.


Making positive changes that support happy employees and faster growth

Alison led the next series of workshops and individual coaching sessions to execute her recommendations. With a smaller group of partners, they examined the work they needed to do and what they were responsible for. Since these partners also dealt directly with clients and generated large amounts of revenue for the company, it was difficult for them to spend time on strategy and driving the company forward. This resulted in hiring an operations director to free up their time. They also put some specific meetings in place and re-structured others to ensure productive discussions.

Lastly, she facilitated a full-day strategy session so the equity partners could define a 5-year business plan, identify the areas of the business that would fuel the most growth, and delegate responsibilities for specific members to lead.


Some of the significant changes Oury Clark have made include:

  • A regular weekly meeting to discuss urgent matters so that longer quarterly meetings could solely focus on big, strategic issues.
  • Bi-monthly innovation meetings where anyone in the business could introduce new ideas to benefit the company in a variety of ways.
  • Fast-tracking the hiring of a COO so that the specialist partners could spend more time serving clients.

This engagement empowered the leadership team to solve issues on their own through more effective communication, cultivated a more positive culture and working environment for the staff, and greater efficiencies in their operations to increase sales.

Need help solving your team’s challenges?

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Virtual services

Virtual services

Services delivered remotely, to help your team adjust to new ways of working and strengthen your culture in times of change.

While most of our workshops, programmes and services can be delivered remotely, those listed below work well to help teams re-adjust, build resilience, find their rhythm and explore how they can continue to do their best work.

Lunch-and-learn: Great teams

This one-hour interactive talk introduces your team to the principles and framework for designing new ways of working, enabling you to start a discussion on how you can build a creative and productive team culture.

Workshop: Designing new ways of working

A 3-hour facilitated workshop, delivered in two parts, to empower your team to build new habits and routines in order to boost creativity and productivity.

In the session, we’ll take a closer look at your team and your culture, work to develop a clear plan on how you can work better together, and your team will leave practical methods and awareness of how to maintain and design their culture on an ongoing basis.

Team Culture Programme

A unique programme tailored for your team, that brings together training, facilitation, coaching and consultancy using our methodology, to help you build a high-performing culture that aligns with your values.

We explore your team’s vision, what each individual brings and the context you work within to help you create the environment for your team to thrive now and in the future. Find out more.

Team coaching: 1-hour sessions

An opportunity for your team to talk through a challenge they are facing, work through points of tension or use the session as a space to explore how they’ll approach change together. Book a one-off session, or a series of sessions to build momentum and accountability.

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“Alison helped our team at Scriberia look at the bigger picture from a perspective of growth and opportunities, so that we can be more intentional about how we work and cultivate helpful routines as well as new rituals.

Alison combines facilitation and business strategy with attentive listening and kindness so everyone in the group feels heard and involved. We left the session feeling inspired and ready to try out new ways of working and communicating better as a team.”

Giulia Vaccari

Head of People & Operations, Scriberia

Alison was a much-needed breath of fresh air and perspective to Nice and Serious.

Her seamless workshop facilitation and invaluable team coaching skills have meant we’re having an essential conversation to understand our individual working behaviours and we’ve already seen started seeing the improvements. We highly recommend the program!”

Philippa Brawn

Operations Director, Nice and Serious

About the Facilitator/Coach

Hello, I’m Alison Coward, the founder of Bracket and author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”. I’m an experienced facilitator and I’ve been working in and leading creative teams for more than 15 years. I’m passionate about finding the perfect balance between creativity and productivity, helping teams to use the best of their talents to develop great ideas and make them happen.

Clients include:  Barclaycard, Barclays, British Library, Central Working, Channel 4, D&AD, Emerald Group Publishing, Etsy, Future of London, Google, M&G Investments, Oury Clark, Planet Earth Institute, TrendWatching, UnLtd


Bracket - helping teams work better together

Toward a better team culture, together

Our approach to team culture

High-performing teams prioritise culture every day

Great team culture isn’t built in a day. We believe in the power of workshops to transform team culture, and our holistic approach builds upon facilitation to support teams through workshops and beyond. We create lasting change for our clients by fostering a daily culture of alignment, communication, and collaboration, that is employed long after our engagement.



Workshop Culture: A guide to building teams that thrive

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Transforming team culture for sustainable business growth

Intermission Film partnered with Bracket to take their Senior Team to the next level of growth and success. Through an 8-month Team Culture Programme, Bracket worked to build clarity around the direction of the company, desired culture, leadership style, and areas for development. As a result, the team experienced a 46% increase in alignment on leadership team approach and a 39% increase in working collaboratively as a team, leading to a more positive and proactive work environment, with greater teamwork, communication, and purpose.

why work with us?

A new approach to team culture transformation

We transform team culture through a unique blend of facilitation, coaching, training, and consultancy. Our tailored approach establishes structures that enable your team to facilitate long-lasting change. We work closely with you every step of the way, from Team Resets to our comprehensive Team Culture Programme.

Our Impact

Positive culture, positive business outcomes

What makes good team culture?

Every team is unique, and team culture varies from company to company and team to team. Achieving a high-performing team culture requires an understanding of this diversity, and a commitment to striking a balance between healthy culture and good business performance – not one at the expense of the other.

We recognise the need for this tailored approach, and have developed a set of values that reflect our core beliefs about what constitutes good team culture. We view a high-performing culture as one where everyone is invested in the team’s growth, takes an intentional approach to working together, uses facilitation to ensure all voices are heard, and is focused on continuous improvement. By aligning our values with your specific needs and context, we help you build a sustainable team culture that drives commercial success.


Improving team engagement leads to 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability

Source: Gallup

Speak with an expert



Book Alison Coward to speak at your conference, event or workplace. Her talks are packed with insights and practical tips on topics related to collaboration, such as effective workshops, teamwork, company culture and the future of work.

Get in touch: alison[at]


Workshop Culture for a Better Workplace

How can leaders build a more creative, collaborative and engaged culture with their teams?

This talk covers why we should strive for great workshops rather than typical meetings, the role of facilitation in leadership as well as practical tips for better workshops and meetings. 

The Changing Face of Teamwork

Teams are nothing new, but they are starting to look different. Has our thinking evolved as much as it needs to keep up with technology, the need for innovation and the demands we have for a modern workplace?

This talk covers how to build happy, engaged and thriving teams in times of change.

Designing a High-Performing Team

Effective collaboration remains a challenge for many. How can we make the most of the collective expertise in a team, whilst ensuring that each person can work in a way that enables them to do their best work?

This talk shares both practice-based and research-backed insights on characteristics of high-performing teams, principles for designing an effective team culture and how to create good team habits that stick.

Great Workshops, Great Teams

Workshops are an essential part of our projects for gathering information and generating ideas. But sometimes the energy and motivation is lost soon after they finish. How can you make sure your workshops have a longer-term impact, to influence the way your team works together throughout a project?

This talk covers practical tips for designing and facilitating workshops that generate concrete outcomes, and how to keep the momentum going that contributes to a collaborative team culture.


Alison’s wonderful talk about designing teamwork hit the nerve of our audience when she identified that a huge amount of our working time is actually spent on dealing with people – and how important this is.”

Sascha Eggenberger

Frontend Conference Zurich

“With Alison’s talks focussing on workshops and team culture we thought, correctly as it’s turned out, that she would be a speaker with a message that not only resonated with all, but gave our attendees actual things to try upon their return to work.

She was a genuine pleasure to deal with in the months building up to the event and also on the day itself. Any prospective conference organisers out there considering Alison really shouldn’t hesitate.”

Matt Stroud

Northern UX

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