Intermission Film is a global creative agency specialising in entertainment marketing for some of the world’s biggest broadcasters like Netflix, HBO Max, and the BBC

During the pandemic, the company grew rapidly, expanding their London, NYC, and Amsterdam offices. Intermission wanted to take an intentional approach to building and sustaining company culture following this period of change, seeking to protect their creativity and vision, while pursuing an ambitious future for the company. Intermission Film partnered with Bracket to develop a unified identity and leadership approach, and empower the Senior Team to form stronger connections in preparation for this next level of leadership.

With extensive experience in the creative industries, Bracket designed a tailored 8-month Team Culture Programme that aimed to identify opportunities for improvement, build clarity around the company’s direction and desired culture, and explore better ways of working through team collaboration and communication. The Programme sought to answer a unique question:

How do you maintain a creative and innovative culture whilst scaling?

Bracket started by reviewing Intermission’s existing culture and collaboration, conducting surveys and 1:1 interviews which identified opportunities and formed the foundation for the Programme. Following a kick-off alignment workshop which focused on the company strategy and leadership approach, Bracket then conducted monthly workshops and coaching sessions to further develop connections in the Senior Team. During these facilitated sessions, Bracket worked with Intermission Film to:

  • Create space and value in connecting strategically with other leaders away from the pressures of operational client work.
  • Understand working styles and explore how to build team collaboration and cohesion.
  • Explore techniques for team facilitation and effective meetings that would encourage creativity, open communication, and psychological safety across the company.
  • Develop leadership methods to ensure collaboration and curiosity are embedded throughout the organisation.

“Bracket provided us with the space and tools to engage in open discussions, actively listen to each other, and think about the future growth of the company. The Programme was impactful, with nudges throughout that kept us engaged and moving forward, while the unifying element of doing it together created a powerful opportunity for everyone to talk in the same room.”


Key Numbers

Based on our assessment, the team achieved the following as a result of the Programme:


increase in working collaboratively as a team


increase in alignment on leadership team approach


increase in working together to create a supportive culture

The Team Culture Programme developed cohesion and collaboration among the Senior Team, resulting in improved teamwork and greater alignment toward a shared purpose. The team learned facilitation and leadership techniques that encourage open communication and creativity. By developing these processes and structures that support growth, the Senior Team were empowered to make better decisions, operate more efficiently, and achieve a clearer sense of direction without compromising on the creativity that has garnered them such success to date.

Outcomes of the programme

Building awareness of individual ways of working has increased empathy, understanding, and respect among team members.

Improving collaboration, communication, and feedback, has resulted in more efficient processes and better outcomes.

Evolving a continuous improvement mindset and shared learning approach, has meant the Senior Team are more likely to seek advice and collaborate.

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