Navigating the path to a better team culture can feel like a complex puzzle with missing pieces. It’s a journey filled with questions: Where do you and your team even begin? How do you start the process without knowing what a high-performing culture looks like? If you’re feeling overwhelmed when embarking on your team culture transformation, our Team Culture Diagnostic is just the tool to help you get there. 


Why is the Team Culture Diagnostic right for my team?

With the Team Culture Diagnostic as your entry point, you can kickstart your culture journey with a clear framework and actionable insights. Expertly designed to deliver impactful results with minimal commitment, our accessible and customisable diagnostic can serve as a powerful standalone delivery or as the gateway to our Team Reset

Offering a holistic view of your team’s culture by capturing and collating all of your team views into one overall report, our Team Culture Diagnostic provides bespoke insights from our experts to enhance their performance. All achieved with less than two hours’ commitment from you and your team.

Find your starting point: Begin your team culture journey with a clear framework and actionable insights.

Gain team investment: Get your team engaged and invested in improving team culture from the outset.

Learn and grow together: Understand the elements of high-performing teams and learn the framework for sustainable growth together as a team.

Low effort, high impact: Experience an accessible, high-ROI engagement that jumpstarts your team’s culture transformation.


What does the Team Culture Diagnostic offer?

  • An anonymous team-wide survey based on our five-pillar framework.
  • An actionable report and 3-month action plan based on the results of the Team Culture Diagnostic, filled with expert insights and practical tips for implementation.
  • A team coaching session to learn about the diagnostic and discuss results.
  • A pre-engagement briefing and post-engagement debriefing.
  • Ongoing 1:1 support throughout the engagement to help leaders keep momentum, nurture their team, and apply insights.


Make the move from assuming to knowing you have a good culture

Our Team Culture Diagnostic teaches your team a framework for continued and future success. Based on 20 years of facilitation experience and academic research, our five-pillar framework will help you to achieve:

Alignment: strong alignment leads to a clear vision, faster decision-making, increased productivity, and improved performance. 97% of workers believe that a lack of team alignment impacts project success. McKinsey, 2016

Cohesion: understanding different working styles improves conflict management and builds cohesion to improve performance. Connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability. Gallup, 2017

Communication: by creating better channels and running effective meetings that foster inclusive conversations, your team can cultivate a collaborative environment that leads to increased revenue growth. 80% of employees feel stressed due to ineffective communication. Dynamic Signal, 2019

Design: by designing structures that build trust and communication, your team can nurture creativity and productivity, leading to better collaboration, and ultimately, business success. Companies with a positive culture could see a 400% growth in revenue. Forbes, 2021

Change: by becoming better at adapting to change, uncertainty, and disruption, your team will see improved performance and a higher likelihood of success when faced with challenges. Only 2% of teams fall into the category of ‘resilient’. Glassdoor, 2019

With a clear framework, actionable insights, and expert guidance, our Team Culture Diagnostic will help you navigate the complexities of team culture transformation with confidence and kickstart your team on the path to high performance and lasting success. Schedule your free consultation to discuss how it can support your team.

Image by Isaac Smith on Unsplash.