Digital transformation agency, Reason, is known for its people first culture and collaborative working practices.

As part of their continued success, Reason recognised the need to further strengthen their internal culture by defining good management in order to provide training for their line managers. Their aim was to help build the next generation of leadership, level the managing field, and prepare Reason for the next stage of growth. This required:

  • Establishing a clear definition of good line management that aligned with Reason’s values
  • Elevating and standardising the quality and skills expected of all line managers to support the company’s scale and growth
  • Increasing the visibility and perceived value of line management at all levels of the organisation
  • Identifying and removing any barriers to line management success through targeted support and training initiatives

How Bracket and Reason worked together

Reason engaged Bracket to design and facilitate a workshop to support the launch of a forum which would provide regular training and peer learning for line managers, and help structure a handbook with advice and best practices. 

After conducting initial consultancy work with Reason’s Head of People, Bracket conducted 1:1 interviews with current line managers to gain insights into their role and to identify the support needed to improve. During the facilitated session, Bracket led team discussions about the role of line management, explored objectives, and developed practical guidelines and actions. The workshop was followed with a write-up, recommendations, and an advisory session with the Head of People to help consolidate the process and ensure continued momentum.

“From the outset, Bracket cared to understand our existing culture and context, meeting team members and working with me to coax out and form ideas. This expert consultancy work before and after was as valuable as the brilliantly facilitated session for our line managers.”

Judith Sweetman, Head Of People, Reason


Facilitating a successful Line Managers Forum launch that supported an ongoing programme of impactful inclusivity and improved peer consulting, with more structured processes.

Ensuring top-level management were able to observe and think strategically, freeing up space to clarify, consolidate, and iterate on thoughts, ambitions, and goals.

Developing observations and recommendations for good line management that helped define these skills, and resulted in an agreed structure for future training sessions and a line manager’s handbook.

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