Making shift happen: starting your journey to a better team culture

Change is a hot topic right now. As the saying goes, it’s a constant. To keep up with fast-moving times, some of the most valuable skills a team can currently cultivate are…

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From consumers to co-creators: how to involve your whole team in building culture

While a leader is responsible for setting the foundations for a positive working environment, it's not possible, nor sustainable, for them to be solely responsible for maintaining…

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[NEW BOOK] Workshop Culture: A Guide to Building Teams That Thrive

What if every day at work felt like your team’s most productive ‘away day’? The most successful and innovative teams and organisations are highly collaborative, creative and…

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How to future-proof your team culture for this year and beyond

To build a team culture that can withstand knocks and future challenges you need to create a strategy, plan and roadmap for transformation.

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Design thinking helps your team thrive in times of change

Many companies have had to adopt new ways of working at speed. In the most part, they’ve been pleased and proud of how their teams have adapted. For many, it was an experiment in…

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From workshops to Workshop Culture: how facilitation builds great teams

Brilliant collaborative workshops can be transformative. With great process and facilitation, they help teams work productively through creative blocks and barriers. They are a…

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How busy teams can benefit from a strategy session

It’s that time of year when you and your team will be aiming to finish the year on a high note, and looking ahead to get next year off to a strong start. If you haven’t run a team…

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Beyond a buzzword: how to actually collaborate

Collaboration is one of those things that’s easy to say, but much harder to do. It's not that we don't know what good collaboration looks like. It’s easy to reel off a list of the…

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What’s your unique team culture?

Your team will have specific goals to achieve. The way you set out to achieve those goals will come down to the people you have on the team, and the context that you work within.…

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The creative process of workshop design

In planning a team workshop, you’re also designing a collaborative experience. The aim is to create an event that brings people together, uses their thinking in the best possible…

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