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nathalieNathalie Nahai, Founder, The Web Psychologist; and best-selling author, Webs of Influence

Yesterday was the first time that I experienced Alison in action as the facilitator of a large, lively think-tank.  She was astute, observant, and managed the process with expert tact and sensibility. I was very impressed by the way in which she managed the exchanges between group members, and I found her ability to distil (and reflect back) the most important ideas of the think-tank made for a remarkable and productive session.

Everyone at the think-tank commented on how impressed they were at the expert facilitation, and I would highly recommend Alison to anyone looking for a fantastic facilitator.

JamesJames Layfield, CEO, Central Working

We brought in Alison to run a series of workshops to make sure that we made the most the rapid growth and expansion of Central Working.

We wanted our management team to review our vision, strategy and business model, and create a process to ensure that we continued to keep the spirit and culture of the business despite our rapid growth and to make sure we brought on board the best talent.

Alison is fabulous in designing and facilitating very creative, yet structured discussions! We made some massive breakthroughs in the workshops. She ensured we that we were all on the same page and with her guidance we generated some fantastic ideas which were then implemented into an innovative and game-changing welcome and induction pack for our new staff. As a result we have not only maintained but embedded and enhanced our business culture.

In a very short space of time we managed to a great deal more with Alison’s support than we could have ever on our own. We would strongly recommend her, and we have.


ImranImran Hussein, Director and Editor, The Hotel Culture

The workshops with Alison offered a huge amount of clarity and created positive discussions that were not originally on the table. Every discussion was born from a place of openness and honesty, without ego or false motivation.

The clarity, as well as the patience and honesty within the room helped build meaningful and clear insights into the wealth of ideas at play. Alison had an ability to isolate each idea and build it into a model, and this was refreshing.

It was surprising how much we got done! The workshops pack a big punch, and the calmness from Alison was just fantastic.

We’ve built a few road maps which will impact our future plans and were quickly able to figure out a clearly defined, more beneficial model.


CathCarverCath Carver, LIVE Director, TrendWatching

Alison Coward of Bracket delivered a half-day Creative Collaboration Workshop during our internal Global Summit, which gathered team members from offices around the world.

Alison started by sharing practical tips and principles on creative collaboration, speaking with clarity and enthusiasm. The bird’s eye view of creative collaboration was helpful, and her expertise evident. In the second half of the session, we worked in groups to identify what worked already, our challenges, and what to improve or develop.

It was a hugely valuable workshop. A precious opportunity whilst everyone was together, to zoom out and explore collaboration. What that practically meant for us: to assess how we collaborate, identify key themes, celebrate good practice, and generate new ideas.

Since the workshop, we have been developing and implementing the ideas, and expect them to have a beneficial effect on both company culture and operations.

Alison’s professionalism was impeccable. Her facilitation skills sharp and presentation style engaging.

RobSynerRobert Syner, Senior Business Analyst, M&G Investments

I saw Alison demonstrate her facilitation skills first-hand at the IRM UK Business Analysis European conference in 2014. Part of my remit was to transfer and share knowledge from the conference to the wider business analysis team at my company.  I was so impressed with Alison’s pre-conference workshop on Initiating and Leading Collaborative Projects that I was already thinking about how we could engage her to achieve a target our team had set at a recent off-site.

I didn’t waste time in arranging for Alison to come in and meet my department head with a view to arranging a bespoke training package on how to facilitate effective workshops – emphasis on effective. We had a full day’s session covering a variety of topics and I feel Alison’s personality really helped the team engage and contribute fully to the day’s activities. We all finished the day really understanding the importance of preparation and following through on actions post workshop.    Alison’s experience has given our team a framework to bring about consistency in the way we provide a service to the wider business.   I would not hesitate to recommend Alison in providing a similar session.



Eugenie Teasley, CEO, Spark & Mettle

Alison is a singularly impressive, creative and organised professional who has made a huge impact on our fledgling organisation. She has been a brilliant facilitator for several workshops we have held, and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a bright, committed, dependable and charismatic facilitator to bring out the best ideas in any group.


araceliAraceli Carmargo, Founder, THECUBE

Alison is an original thinker and innovator. Her facilitated brainstorms leave no stone uncovered and every thought discussed. She is able to understand the journey of the idea and is able to objectively paint a map. Every time I walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the day, confident in the ideas generated, and necessary actions. She is professional, reliable, and forward thinking.

Jonas  Altman, Managing Partner, Social Fabric

Alison is one of the few people I know who really understands how to manage for creativity. She is an excellent facilitator and has an in depth knowledge of methods and practices to bring the best out of multidisciplinary teams. Working with with Alison and watching her lead workshops is an absolute pleasure. She embodies both the educator and the entrepreneur, with enviable ease.