Link round-up: 10-04-15

Some of my favourite articles from the past couple of weeks: how to predict a team’s effectiveness, turbo-charging your team’s productivity, and squashing egos.

Are you the “extra-miler” in your team?

A recent study found that you only need to look to one person to see how well that team performed. As long as they were interacting with everyone else, the most helpful member and/or the one most likely to express ideas and concerns would be the best measure of the team’s overall effectiveness.

Team effectiveness is disproportionately influenced by your group’s best performer or “extra-miler”, British Psychological Society (h/t James Allen at Creative Huddle)

Twitter co-founder, Ev Williams, reveals his new idea for driving team creativity & productivity

Ev Williams wants us to try something with our teams – the One-Dayer. He describes it as a “new process wherein a (very) small group tackles a project within intense focus for one day”. Try it at the start of your project to explore designs and prototypes, or at the end of your project when things are still dragging on.

The One-Dayer, Medium (via 99u)

Workplace collaboration can increase successful innovation by 15%

A useful infographic provides more evidence that companies need to focus more on their internal collaboration if they want growth. If organisations spend time fostering team culture and breaking down silos they can reap huge benefits in productivity, morale and innovation.

Collaboration Wins Over Competition (infographic), Inc

Empathy, not ego, for better teams

One of the most comprehensive articles I’ve ever read on creating a great team culture. Rhys Newman uses his 20 years of experience to break down what it really takes to grow a successful design studio. Forget about pandering to the needs of individual star creatives – this is about camaraderie, fluid team processes and communication skills.

No Dickheads! A guide to building happy, healthy and creative teams, Medium

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