Practice (and play) makes participation

This post is inspired by the OK Do talk that took place during the London Design Festival on ‘Strategies for Participation’.

OK-Talk.-Guy-Archard-300x200The talk brought up lots of questions on how we decide who to collaborate with. I really liked the point that Celine Condorelli and Ulla-Maaria Engeström were making – that we choose who to work with based on our values, but those values develop the more we work with others.  So essentially, the more we collaborate, the better we get at knowing who we will work with best.

So perhaps we should practice collaborating, and find ways to make those practice runs non-monetary and playful, so that the main aim is to learn a bit more about how we work.  Perhaps we also shouldn’t get put off if our first attempt at collaborating doesn’t go so well.  Collaboration is a skill so the more we do it, the easier it becomes.

Photo: Guy Archard.  From the OK Talk event organised by OK Do.

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